Trip Guide Training

Do you want to become a trip guide?

Medical professionals, psychologists or therapists, or anyone with an interest and the conviction that (s)he can be open, learn, listen, be aware and compassionate plus be very willing to experience “it” yourself, can become a trip-guide. We refer to guiding trips and not (just) “sitting”, as it feels less active. Many people need guidance and assurance during the process, the coming back down and the making sense of all the insights and integrating those. Trip guides are trained to navigate these waters, calm people, explain in the right metaphors and help people feel understand and make sense of their vulnerable experience.

Effective psychedelic guides act to facilitate the journey into peoples’ subconscious awareness and back again. Instead of acting as interventionists, guides serve to provide security and comfort without intrusion, by establishing rapport and trust with the participant, and by maintaining an aesthetic, comfortable setting in which the participant feels safe. Being authentic and having psychological insights are very important.

“Guides’ presence, intentions, assumptions, actions, theoretical knowledge, skill sets, personalities, and intuitions (essentially the entirety of their body, mind, and spirit) influence set and setting. The individuals come to this work from a variety of professional disciplines, training backgrounds, and philosophies. Divergent interests, skills, and experiences are beneficial to the development of best practices, as many perspectives are needed to ensure the highest quality process.

It is essential for the guides to have the utmost of trust in the entire process – in their skills, their team, and the participants. Equally important is the cohesiveness of the team as a whole, with every guide resonant with whomever they are paired with, as well as being mindfully aware, supportive, and communicating openly with other members of the team. Members of the therapy team who are paired together to cofacilitate a psychedelic treatment session should spend time together with the focus of developing a trusting interpersonal relationship where open communication is possible. This relationship fosters learning for both guides, and allows for a constructive, healthy debrief at the end of the session.”

This process will require your critical introspection. It will require self discipline but also compassion. 


Psychedelic Insights provides the Trip Guide Workshops to learn the basics of trip guiding. An experience to learn and undergo all aspects of the different roles, experience your own personal growth through insights into your soul and to study the latest research, psychology, other nature medicines, ancient indigenous traditions and live together with the other student guides in a big tipi or yurt.


  • Lessons (see curriculum)
  • Guest speakers – experts in their field
  • Experience getting Trip Guiding
  • Experience giving Trip Guiding
  • The students get 2 psychedelic sessions
    Plus they learn to guide minimum of 2 psychedelic sessions.
  • Three times, we are providing a professional massage to students for deeper relaxation.
  • A full time Vegan chef who caters for all.
  • Accommodation and transport to and from Amsterdam Central Station.
  • Two nights, there is live music and a camp fire.
  • Last but not least: A video document! – we are making a documentary about the workshop and everyone involved.


  • Personal development
  • Psychedelics
  • Psychology
  • Trauma & healing
  • Science & Psilocybin
  • Shamanism and indigenous cultures
  • Contra indications
  • Higher consciousness & mystical experiences
  • Other compounds
  • Philosophy, the implications

The workshop is organised by Multiple Trip Guide Operators, a psychologist plus a psilocybin scientist. We are also assisted by other trip sitters. We are all intent on sharing this work sincerely and it could be emotionally and mentally demanding and challenging. It will be a lot of fun too, obviously and last but not least, be very fascinating with valuable lessons. Some say magical  A short documentary will be made too so you’re in for an adventure.

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