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Hi! I’m Alicia and I’m the Microdosing Coach. I coach people that want to benefit from the healing properties of psychedelics in a safe and controlling way in small doses (microdosing). Sometimes a full dose can be too overwhelming at once or a step too far for some people. In general my clients are people […]

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Luc is grounded, lighthearted, sociable and has passion for what he does. He is the founder of Psychedelic Insights and Safe Spaces Amsterdam. Luc is a very stable, kind and experienced facilitator. He’s also had a very adventurous and diverse life. Luc’s life changed dramatically through the philosophical and psychological insights gained from ancient sacred […]

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Immy is 29 years old. She had her first of many plant medicine journeys in 2016 where she connected with the universal love and said goodbye to the ego and fear based living she was familiar with for years. Mushrooms, truffles and other psychedelic medicines are for her a holy and powerful tool, giving by […]

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Angie is a fantastic trip guide. She is an American born healer who has found her soul family here in the Netherlands. She is a very dedicated and experienced trip sitter. She is also becoming a reiki master. All healing methods are tools and she is developing a full toolbox. Her kind, warm spirit will […]

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Marc is a psychologist, MSc. and (system) psycho-therapist. He has more than a decade experience with al kinds of psychedelics (and different kinds of therapy).  He is specialized in psychedelic therapy and is treating clients with PTSD (complex trauma), depression, anxiety, burn-out etc. He is also offering professional couples-therapy with a psychedelic.  Marc’s personal interests […]

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Life is a great teacher and so are the mushrooms, our ancient elders the plant teachers. I am specialised in trip guiding, meditation, deep breath work, hands on body work and connected communication. I read books of Osho when i was 18 and this transformed my life, i went to a lecture on Yoga and […]

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Gabriel has been working with sacred medicines since 2004. Studying the inner multiverse, he there found his calling as a healer. Now 35, and having walked on the path of Insight meditation for over a decade, he is also a trained Shiatsu massage therapist, both elements that he loves to touch upon in his sessions, […]

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Sebastiaan is a calm, down to earth and loving person. Many people soon feel at home in his presence. He has a therapeutic background, treating depression, trauma and anxiety issues. Increasing vitality, self-love and self-empowerment are the main objectives. His experience, both as a therapist and as a trip guide contribute to a safe journey. […]