World’s largest producer of natural psychedelics, ‘Fresh Mushrooms Ltd.’ ready for global export with new marketing director

AMSTERDAM February 28.
Fresh Mushrooms Ltd. has been the absolute global market leader, cultivating high quality and volumes fresh psychedelic psilocybin truffles and grow kits, for over 25 years. Fresh Mushrooms Ltd. CEO Hans Grootewal has appointed Luc van Poelje as marketing director to lead the new export ambitions of natural psilocybin truffles and microdosing products, to meet international demand.

Freshmushrooms is the world’s leading cultivation expert on growing Magic Truffles, Microdosing and Magic Mushroom Grow Kits.


The sophisticated production processes of the truffle results in a high quality natural product that is grown with maximum care and provides the best cultivation results. The company operates under supervision of the Dutch government to ensure that all legal, health, hygiene and food safety requirements are met. The extraordinary psychological and medicinal properties of psilocybin truffles have been studied and published all over the world. Having 25 years of experience has positioned Fresh Mushrooms Ldt. as the global front runner, ready to serve an international market.


The psychedelic drug market is expected to reach USD 6,859.95 million by 2027, according to Data bridge Research. There is an increased prevalence of mental health problems worldwide acting as a driver for the demand of this industry disrupting organic market newcomer. Changes in life style and ways for enhanced quality of life and alternative health care solutions are propelling market growth. Focus and special designation from the regulatory authority can increase demand and last but not least all decriminalisation and legalisation changes. The cost saving aspects of psilocybin therapy compared to regular therapeutic healthcare models are quite considerate while the efficacy may prove to be far greater if we look to new and known areas of psychedelic research. E.g. Depression, anxieties, end of life distress, trauma, autism, dementia, PTSD and many others.

Ready for export

To pursue the mission, CEO Hans Grootewal of Fresh Mushrooms has appointed a new Marketing Director; Luc van Poelje. Luc, plant medicine advocate and CEO of Psychedelic Insights, is delighted to join forces. They passionately share the same mission. To serve the needs of the medical, scientific, research and nutriceutical markets, Fresh Mushrooms Ltd. provides the truffles for export. The truffles reside under the EU food safety regulations (EU 1881/2006). Microdosing doesn’t fall under the UN Psychotropic treaty. The website of has been renewed to inform and facilitate the export. Imports are subject to local licencing and regulations.

Microdosing XP by

Fresh Mushrooms will provide a global market with high quality bulk truffles and the best Microdose product available today: A unique 6X1 gram blister-sealed packaging. No mould contamination health risks or accidental over dosing because of plain large bags sold as microdosing, but precise measured 1 gram portions to suit the microdosing (para) medical and psychological objectives, safely.

Fresh Mushrooms’ Marketing director, Luc van Poelje and CEO Hans Grootewal will serve the market and create a safe and legal way for psilocybin truffles and microdose products to reach a broad international audience. Thanks to the preferred quality, the Fresh Mushrooms’ Magic Truffle dealer network covers most of Europe to date.

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