Ellen is educated as a health scientist and is deeply inspired to contribute to people’s health, as well as to create healthy environments. Ellen previously worked as a nutrition and health researcher for the Louis Bolk Institute, specializing in ‘Integrative Medicine’, which describes the integration of regular healthcare with complementary and traditional medicine techniques (such as plant medicine, lifestyle, nutrition, yoga, meditation and visualization). Her master’s degree was specifically on the concepts of ‘integrative medicine’, ‘holistic health’ and personal development, while her bachelor’s degree researched the integration of psilocybin into the regular healthcare system. Ellen’s interest in combining and integrating regular healthcare with alternative medicines and therapies led her to train in (self)-healing, psychology, meditation, energy-work, tantra and (psychedelic) ceremonies. This unique combination of both professional and practical experience, along with a warm, highly sensitive personality, makes her a great facilitator. To that end, she also heads the Psychedelic Insights facilitator team.