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Organising a psychedelic retreat? The legal environment for psychedelics is very peculiar, specific and may require awareness and experience to navigate it without risk and legal vulnerability. Not every location will allow (legal) psychedelic sessions. Having a retreat partner allows you to focus on your clients, while we prepare everything detail for the event with feet on the ground!

Let’s do as the mycelium does; Let’s connect and help each other!

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Let’s book the best location for ’23 now!

We serve our partners with turnkey solutions:

– Project management – Consultation

Location selection & booking
– Operations

(e.g. screening and intake, formula setting, decorations and inventory, welcome gifts, journals, magic truffles, transport, F&B / catering (incl. client diet restrictions), the Psychedelic Insights coaches and other retreat staff, integration therapy, client communications pre and post session, suppliers, groceries, etc. etc. etc.)

An entire psychedelic retreat project team to plan and execute a formula on the ground; With our local Dutch speaking staff as well as a diverse multicultural international and multidisciplinary team of very experienced psychedelic coaches. Independent psychiatric and/or medical consultants are available to create the best and safest possible setting for any audience type.

It is our mission to provide safe access and the best possible setting for a world wide audience.

Provide your clients a psychedelic retreat experience

Leadership programs | Veteran retreats | Therapist training | Women & men’s groups | Professional groups | Special interest groups | Your own clients

We can help you get the best locations, we are experts of the international and local psychedelic industry, laws and the right lawyers, the researchers, the local playing field and the officials, the pitfalls and the legal and actual risks. We keep warm relationships with the best retreat locations to host any future event together. To find a way forward with you, for every event type, budget, audience type, experience and organisation.

We advice 8 to 16 participants per events for the best transformational group experiences

Retreat examples

Veteran research retreat

2021 Veteran research retreat (click to view documentary)

Specifically for veterans and other first responders; One woman and 8 men joined the retreat in a remote forest area. It was a shared dream made real by Hans Grootewal CEO of Fresh Mushrooms who sponsored the retreat and Luc van Poelje the founder of Psychedelic Insights. Hans felt there was a lack of efficient help for veterans and Luc saw the effects of his work with psilocybin truffles with his clients. As a veteran himself he knew this could help many old military colleagues. Globally there is a psychedelic renaissance with many studies into the effects of these promising compounds. A lot of research studies illegal substances like MDMA and pure psilocybin. With the political “War on Drugs”, it is left to scientists to show their safe benefits and counter the decades of intentional disinformation. Psilocybin truffles however, are legal and available in The Netherlands. The logical question: “Why are we not doing what we can to help veterans, now”?

The documentary was screened at the top of the Min. of Defense, Medical and mental health, HR and social departments in The Netherlands and organisations representing Veterans. It was the first time plant medicines and magic psilocybin fungi were ever discussed openly with veterans explaining their experiences.

Vital education experience retreat

Psychedelics Today’s Vital Education Program 2022

VITAL is a 12-month professional certificate training in the elements of psychedelic therapy and integration. Psychedelic Insights hosted the event with a customised program to experience all sides of the psychedelic experience space.

VITAL EDUCATION – Psychedelics Today

With 180 hours of live teaching, experience, and practice, Vital is one of the most comprehensive certificates in psychedelic-assisted therapy available. The training weaves the experiential and the academic, the clinical and the transpersonal, the medical and the indigenous, offering a powerful container for your personal and professional transformation.

Participants learned the art of skillfully preparing and guiding a psychedelic journey by mastering the elements of set and setting, music, trauma-informed approaches, breathwork and bodywork, mystical experiences, and spiritual emergence.
More information on Vital.

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