Center for Natural Balance

We are offering an investment opportunity to be part of shaping the future of natural healing and set the bar on the magic power of mushrooms. A worlds first.

Our proposition: Natural balance and recovery. Providing the psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. More inner peace and health through consciousness and medicinal mushrooms and plants.

Join us and support our international stellar team leading the way in the psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic Insights BV has an international focus and ambitions. We now offer an investment opportunities for conscious entrepreneurs, to help us set up a center for Natural Balance. A center of excellence, measured by science. Finding peace through consciousness.

We’re opening a center for Natural Balance. We center for self development, contemplative practices and spirituality, rest and recovery, healing natural organic diets, scientific measurements for the personally curated client journey’s for personal and spiritual development, psychedelic insights, post diagnostic trauma recovery and end-of-life distress. For trauma recovery, be it veterans or police, people with depression or PTSD, OCD and many many other groups such as leadership development programs .

Center of excellence

We build an international [center] brand it can be scaled up and build a chain or a franchise and expertise and brand building. Marketing, Rent (inventory) and wages are the major costs. Goal is setting up a next level center.

For more information contact Luc van Poelje, CEO of Psychedelic Insights BV at

This is the pitch deck

Solving the lack of effective therapeutic modalities and the scarcity of natural, alternative, complementary solutions for the ever increasing epidemic of depressions, anxieties and non psychiatric mental health issues. Providing healing psychedelic insights for more inner peace, a sense of purpose and increased spirituality.

Link to numbers per mental health disorder; From depression to eating disorders

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Natural mind & body healing

Psychedelic magic psilocybin truffles allow you to see through the illusions of your own strong convictions.

Allowing you to surpass your trauma based narrative and truly change your perspective to change how you feel. Neurogenesis and neuro plasticity allow you to escape your fixed thought patterns. Integration therapy ensures the duration of the new found insights and make them your new normal.

Healing properties of medicinal mushrooms / fungi:
– Antioxidant
– Immunoregulatory
– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti-microbial
– Reduce Triglycerides
– Blood Sugar Balancing
– Anti-aging
– Neuroprotective/Nootropic
– Kidney and Liver Protective
– Hormone Balancing
– Aphrodisiac and Libido Enhancing

We believe in the power of nature. To bring people back to their true nature. To find balance, create harmony in mind, body and soul.

We believe that some forms of healing are possible through the use of natural medicines like medicinal mushrooms, (legal) psychedelics such as magic truffles psilocybin, herbs, natural supplements and a healthy healing diet in a safe and loving environment that promotes connection to self and others.

We offer professional therapeutic services to help you find your own personal path to inner peace and harmony. To restore your relationship to yourself and the world around you.

Psychedelics researchers and investors should focus on delivering therapy, not drugs.

The lessons and best practices unearthed by clinical research into psychedelic-based treatment will help establish standards and, in the process, make this treatment something almost everyone can access and afford.

By Michael Pollack 2022 [Link]
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Every client is unique.

The client undergoes the psychological and medical screening and analysis to establish their baseline condition.

All clients have a customised journey with their intention and objective that is measured and updated with every step and activity.

We measure all aspects, activities, diets, conditions, psychedelic experiences and their results. From personality to psychology to a medical check with blood-work, etc.

A robust scientific method that is independently verifiable in a safe and legal patient file system aggregates all information to finetune and optimise our practices and monitor all results.

We have curated an expert team of certified and experienced psychedelic therapists. A stellar team to manage, design and market customised natural healing protocols. Serving an international and global audience in a first world country.

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The Team

CEO Psychedelic Insights BV,
Luc van Poelje

Luc is the founder / CEO of Psychedelic Insights BV (Ltd.)
Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Insights is run by the Psychedelic Insights team.

General background
His life (choices) changed after life transforming psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc ran a mental health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and lifestyle coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health where he inspired the most unwelcoming audience.

Luc has been working full time as a psychedelic trip-guide since 2017. This grew to what Psychedelic Insights is today. In 2019 he founded Psychedelic Insights to officially serve clients in an optimized set and setting. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. With over 300 clients, Luc has first hand experience of how natural psilocybin truffles work and how to optimally prepare clients for these experiences. Luc is a proponent of keeping these sacred medicines alive inside you, by doing them periodically, responsibly. Knowing how to navigate and learn form the medicines is what no study can teach you. It’s an ongoing self discovery

Luc van Poelje spent well over 15 years managing cutting-edge internet technology businesses from publishing technology companies like Sanoma, Elsevier Science, to developing a cutting edge gaming platform, Genealogical science portals to financial high tech event companies like Ticket Script (Eventbrite) and Paylogic (ID&T). He was an innovative entrepreneurial internet technology consultant, project-manager and international marketing manager running project teams of 30+ across different tech & R&D companies (TNO) on multi million euro projects in very competitive fast paced international corporate environments. His visions paved the way for innovations and deployments of new technical and disrupting business concepts into the market.
Luc is an elite Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, with arctic, mountain and jungle warfare and survival training. He served in Iraq in ‘91.

Independent Medical Consultant,
Joyce van Grinsven

Joyce works as an independent medical consultant and is a former medical director of the department of clinical psychiatry and is currently continuing her studies. She has an unstoppable curiosity about all facets of Life in the broadest sense of the word. She likes to wrestle with what drives nature and its countless manifestations. Due to her own health challenges, Love and some stirrings of the soul, she has started to orientate herself on holistic, preventive and positive health and the related care; With a focus on self-healing ability and Taoism. Joyce is investigating the application of psychedelics for medical, psychological and meaning issues.

Chief Therapeutic Officer,
Heather A. Lee, LCSW

Certified Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist & MAPS Certified MDMA Assisted Therapist.

Heather is a Certified Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist, has training in Mind/Body Medicine from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute, is the past Director Women’s Wellness Education at the University of Virginia Medical Center and currently is a member of the Integrative Psychiatry Institutes teaching team in the Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy program Additionally she holds a seat on the Silo Wellness Advisory Board.

Ms. Lee has consulted and developed exclusive wellness programs for such acclaimed spas and resorts as The Golden Door, Four Seasons Hualalai and One&Only Reethi Rah in the Maldives. She has been a regular speaker at the International Spa Association conference and the Monaco Spa Event. Heather excels at creating dynamic, immersive, wellness retreats and transformational travel experiences and has led clients on psilocybin retreats in Jamaica, Colorado, Mexico and on trail running retreats in Spain, Ireland, and the high desert of Moab.

Currently Heather is the Founder and Director of Medicine Woman Retreats, a company dedicated to elevating psychedelic experiences in the transformational travel and retreat space. Heathers depth of understanding and expertise in the soul and science of integrative wellness and psychedelic experiences equip her perfectly to design, define and deliver meaningful, magical and medicinal programs. She has an exclusive array of retreats for men, women, couples and people on cancer journeys.

​Heather is passionate about plant medicine as a powerful path for connecting with inner wisdom and greater mind/body/spirit wellness. Her own cancer journey has deepened her personal connection to psilocybin as a medicine for the soul. She has experienced first hand the ability of this medicine to illuminate the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical dis-ease. “Plant medicine has a place alongside modern medicine. Healing goes far beyond just attending to the body. The mushrooms know this, show this, and help lead us to a broader definition of health”

Chief Customer Happiness, Aleksandra Aleksandrova

Aleksandra is a Psychedelic guide, transformation life coach, evolutionary astrologer, creative storyteller and curious psychonaut and explorer with vibrant trust in the unknown. Her psychological academic background and BBA degree blended with her devotion to meditation and self-development taught her wide variety of healing modalities. She learned the most by her own journeys with the plant medicine and facilitating sessions with high doses of psilocybin with 100s of clients from all over the world. She has solid experience in guiding people through the whole process from introducing them to the concept of psychedelics, helping in their preparation prior and during their actual session where she is assisting and providing integration therapy after.

Aleksandra’s biggest passion is to support people coming back to alignment and harmony, using ancient healing tools for modern wellbeing. She organised sisterhood retreats and circles focused on empowering women to rediscover their deep connection to themselves, others and nature. Her commitment to inner transformation and empowering others on this path fuels her mission for expansion with Psychedelic Insights. Aleksandra raises the bar with her skill set, insights and deep connections with clients from all over the world.

Chief Operations Officer, Joanna Hein-Hartmann

With 20 years of experience in operational management and currently studying Psychology and CBT, Joanna is behind the Psaychedelic Insights scenes making sure every client, booking, payment and process is working efficient and smooth, keeping all parties happy and served.. Jo is also an Adventure and Nature Therapist.

Since graduating in 2004 Jo has worked in the fields of media, finance and funds (service provider as well as client side), mainly because her skills are transferable, across sectors and industries. As a multi-potentialite, she’s capable of outstanding organization, project management, and sourcing cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Quality oversight, a remarkable and sincere highly contagious positive attitude, a good memory, and common sense, as well as a passionate drive to bring value to the company and run projects and the business smoothly and responsibly.

Jo is enjoys a good challenges, and provides innovative and effective solutions in her high spirited unique way!

Core Services

We blend ancient wisdom with modern science to facilitate an environment for natural healing. E.g. Discovering and recovering from depressive thoughts, anxiety or from chronic illness diagnoses and end of life distress;

We create programs with therapeutic, psychedelic, contemplative, exercise and other practices with a balanced nutritious diet that includes medicinal mushrooms, plants, supplements and herbs to promote harmony in mind, body and soul.

Discovery & Recovery

Private psychedelic sessions

Nature Healing Center is a center for natural healing in nature, with natural medicines. For human connection. For a relationship with yourself and the world and people around you. We believe that finding inner peace and profound introspection are the keys to relieving trauma, anxiety, depression and stress. caused by diagnosis, end of life distress and other symptoms. Nature provides us with the tools to be in harmony. Our team of experts are here to help you find your own way back to this place of balance.

Psychedelic Leadership development

The program lets entrepreneurs, leaders, strategists, politicians, creatives, innovators or teams gain enhanced leadership communication skills and soft character attributes, as well as new insights, to make a real impact and find a flow state. Evolution is about adapting to change in an increasing volatile world. Boost your creativity and develop clear visions to unlock your innovative capabilities. We need grass root initiatives as well as leaders with courage, heart, vision and the skills to manifest positive change in the world.

Custom group experiences

Our custom retreats welcome you for general and specific groups. Women only or veterans or therapists, etc. Our custom psychedelic retreats are all inclusive and with accommodation on a farm located just outside a nature reserve in the Dutch countryside. We work with other location options too.

Palliative program

Nature heals. We believe that (self) love, inner peace and the natural world is our greatest healer. It is our home and our essence. Our center provides a space for transformation through healing and introspection, so you can find inner peace and balance in a natural environment and the cycle if life.
We offer a wide range of natural medicines programs to relieve and promote the reduction of anxiety and depression, end of life distress, stress caused by chronic illness diagnoses, as well as other symptoms of trauma.

Presentation ICPR 2022

We believe that nature provides us with the tools we need to be in harmony with ourselves, one another and the world around us. With consciousness expanding natural medicines and a healing diet to promote health we provide the foundations for healing. Positive healing transformation for inner peace, naturally.

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Psychedelic palliative care in the news:

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food


The polysaccharides in reishi mushroom are associated with immune function, and if taken over time, reishi can significantly support the immune system. It can also support restful sleep and a calm mind, reduce occasional stress and restlessness, can support lung and respiratory health, and support balanced blood sugar levels. Reishi can be used safely in adjunct with certain oncology medications and diagnoses [23]. Because of its well-rounded capacity to support numerous systems in the body, herbalists call reishi the King of Medicinal Mushrooms.

Lions mane

Lion’s Mane is full of a multitude of important compounds, such as beta-glucans, which are immuno-modulating antioxidants and neuro-protective phytonutrients*. In vitro research suggests that certain compounds found in Lion’s mane, namely hericenones and erinacines, may help induce Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) synthesis in nerve cells [1]. Research in adults with mild memory problems associated with aging found that those taking Lion’s Mane extract had better brain function compared with control participants who did not ingest the mushroom. Lion’s Mane may even support neurogenesis.


The cordyceps mushroom is an incredible energy-boosting fungi. Certain studies have shown that cordyceps can increase the production of ATP, the compound that gives cells energy, in rodents. This is why Cordyceps is a good mushroom supplement to take for exercise and physical performance*. In fact, two well-controlled clinical studies have found cordyceps improves exercise performance in healthy older individuals. The cordyceps mushroom has been used for over six centuries in Asian cultures for energy, libido, immunity, stamina, and enhancing sleep quality.


Shiitake mushroom is great for immunity and liver health, and it supports the cardiovascular system. Lentinan, a polysaccharide in shiitake mushrooms, has shown great promise as an immune system-boosting agent [9]. Research has also discovered a compound in shiitake, eritadenine, that can help maintain cholesterol already within a healthy range [9]*. The mushrooms are great to cook with and are also loaded with B-vitamins, helping to modulate blood sugar levels in the body and support a healthy inflammation response.


Chaga has been studied for its use in skin conditions and stomach disorders. Chaga has over 200 pre-clinical animal and cell studies showing promising health benefits including such as being high in antioxidants, supporting digestion, immune support, modulating inflammation, containing key anti-microbial substances, and being adaptogenic [7].

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail improves immune function by stimulating cytokine production, increasing natural killer cells, and through other immune-boosting functions*. Protein-bound polysaccharides (PBP) found in Turkey Tail have the most research-backed immune-supportive effects. These PBP compounds can enhance key types of immune cells, like T-cells, when used alone or in combination with synergistic herbs [29]. Turkey Tail is a safe mushroom to use long-term within the context of proper medical treatment [23, 32].


Primary Maitake Mushroom Medicinal Benefits: Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and supports immune function
Maitake mushrooms support immune function by stimulating the immune system’s lymphocytes, natural killer cells, monocytes, and T-helper cells* [10,11].

Psilocybin truffle

Psilocybin mushrooms and truffles have been and continue to be used in indigenous New World cultures in religious, divinatory, or spiritual contexts.[3] Psilocybin mushrooms are studied for their effects on depression, O.C.D. , anxiety, addictions, PTSD and may other issues with reductions in symptoms. High doses have been associated with mystical or ego death experiences.


Primary Maitake Mushroom Medicinal Benefits: Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure and supports immune function. Maitake mushrooms support immune function by stimulating the immune system’s lymphocytes, natural killer cells, monocytes, and T-helper cells* [10,11]. Maitake became quite famous in the 1990’s after Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, a pharmacologist at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan, began isolating and testing different polysaccharide fractions from Maitake. Many of these fractions were quite potent immunomodulating agents.


Supports heart and metabolic health*
As one of the most actively cultivated edible mushrooms found worldwide, oyster mushrooms boast an excellent nutritional profile, including low calories, low fat, high protein, a wide range of vitamins and minerals (including niacin), and antioxidants.. A number of research studies show that oyster mushrooms can improve immune system function against respiratory infections [33, 34, 35]. Oyster mushrooms have unique compounds contributing to the lowering of cholesterol known as lovastatin, ergothioneine, ergosterol, ACE-inhibiting peptides, and chrysin [36]. Lovastatin is a natural “statin” that inhibits cholesterol synthesis. Oysters have the capacity to help the body maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides [37].


Primary Agaricus Mushroom Medicinal Benefits: Supports cardiovascular health and provides excellent levels of vitamin D*. Agaricus bisporus provides numerous health benefits, including a substantial amount of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. Agaricus mushrooms show positive modulation of PSA levels in those with prostate health concerns [38]. These mushrooms also have the capacity to increase bacteroidetes species in the microbiome, a theorized favourable shift for gut health [39].


The unique polysaccharides found in Tremella fuciformis are known for their intense hydrating properties, much like hyaluronic acid, without the cost of high-end anti-aging cosmetic products. In fact, these polysaccharides are smaller than hyaluronic acid, allowing them to penetrate the skin more easily. One study suggested that topical products with T. fuciformis polysaccharides (TFPS) had a better moisture retention rate than those with hyaluronic acid [19]*. Could the tremella mushroom be the next hyaluronic acid?In addition to their remarkable hydrating properties, TFPS exhibit potent antioxidant, anti-aging, immune-boosting, gut-nourishing, and neuroprotective properties, though the mechanism behind these effects remains unclear [20,21]*.

Paul Stamets on TedMed Talks on medicinal mushrooms


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